Surfboards & Boogie Boards

5’8” performance boards to 10’ classic, long boards.

Surfing Fun for Intermediate and experienced Surfers! No Beginners – especially in the winter time when the waves can get gnarly. We strongly recommend that beginners take a surfing lesson first. For board rental, surfers must have some experience!

Our Pro Soft-Top foam surfboards are lightweight, soft & easy to handle, starting from 5’8” performance boards to stable, 10’ Classic Long-boards. Choose from our flat tail or swallow tail models – these quality surfboards are designed for absolute fun in the sun!

Just let us know what skill level you’re at and we’ll get you equipped with the appropriate equipment!

Wanna make it last forever? Rent a GoPro and take home an SD Card full of incredible moments!



Days and Hours of Operation: Mon – Sat – 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash or credit card

Reservations: On site only

Contact Us

Tel: 787 501-SURF (7873)

Where: ‘La Pared’ Beach, Luquillo, Puerto Rico


Q. How can we reserve surfboards and gear?

A. Currently, reservations must be made at our ‘Surf Truck Shop’. We cannot accept reservations online or by telephone. Credit card info and ID required. All Payment must be done at time of pick up. A copy of your identification card, and a signature on the rental agreement is required.

Q. Are board & equipment rentals for use only on ‘La Pared’ beach?

A. Our boards can be enjoyed at other beaches in the area. (Playa Azul and La Selva) But you must bring the board back by 10:00 am the next day. GoPro cameras can only be used at  ‘La Pared’ beach.

Q. What days and hours do you operate?

A. Monday to Saturday, from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Already a surfer but didn’t bring your gear? We rent foam, ‘Pro Soft Top’ surfboards, bodyboards and swim fins. First timer and not sure what kind of board to ride? A foam board is perfect for learning and aren’t as dangerous when you wipe out.