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About the Best Surfing School in Puerto Rico

At Surfing Puerto Rico Adventures, we believe that surfing makes us happier people. Whether you do it for the fitness or stress-relieving benefits, the sense of gratefulness while being out there, the sun and the salty air, or the overwhelming feeling of pride the moment you finally get up on that first wave, surfing helps us appreciate life in a different, more positive way.

Surfing Puerto Rico Adventures is simply a group of positive, motivated sons of Isla del Encanto who want to get you up on a surfboard. We are super excited to share with you all the goodness behind the sport of surfing in Puerto Rico.

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Brian Ramos

World Class Surfer & Experienced Surf Instructor

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A life long surfer and passionate nature boy from La Pared, Luquillo; Brian began surfing at the age of 7. During his childhood he played many sports including soccer, football, basketball, wrestling and track & field. Having enjoyed a multitude of athletic activities, it was the ocean’s magic that always drew him in.“Riding waves and learning to move within the ocean’s energy was my calling in life”, he says with conviction. During college where he received a Bachelors degree in Physical Education surfing was his only competitive sport. Brian’s highest surfing honor to date is winning the Puerto Rico National Surfing Championships in 2008.

“With the help of my friends Dalberto Arce and Percy Rier we have created a place where our students can enjoy the feeling of gliding along the surface of the water safely and learn first hand the beauty of this amazing sport/art form/lifestyle.”

“Never forgetting where we come from, it’s all about the kids, and I hope to create an amazing surf team for the children of Luquillo!

Dalberto Arce & Percy Rier

Founders Surfing Puerto Rico

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It’s been seven years since Dalberto and Percy started their successful adventure tour company, “Kayaking Puerto Rico”.

The core concept was to introduce visitors as well as local Islanders to the natural beauty of Puerto Rico. The mission was to provide the most memorable eco adventures and set service standards in the industry. Today Kayaking Puerto Rico is a PRTC quality award winner and the most recommended aquatic excursion outfitter in the island for Snorkeling, Bio Bay, Boating and Kayaking Trips. Kayaking Puerto Rico believes in delivering amazing service and understand the importance of staying on top of details.

Percy and Dalberto bring the same vision with this new venture, Surfing Puerto Rico. Our goal it to revolutionize the surf industry on the island and set the standards once again. All we want is that when a visitor takes a class with us they can leave saying WOW, Puerto Rico REALLY does it better!

a group of people on a beach“I went Surfing in Puerto Rico!” – We Can Make It Happen

  • Our beach is recognized by local surfers as the best for learning to surf.
  • Your teacher is a PR National Surfing Champion.
  • We are just a 45-min. drive from Metro San Juan.
  • No surfboard needed – we’ve got one waiting for you!

Our Location — La Pared Beach

a couple of people that are walking on the beachAt the base of the mountains of the world-famous El Yunque rainforest lies the coastal town of Luquillo, named after the Taino Chief, Loquillo. The warm, Atlantic swells reach this coastline, making it one of Puerto Rico’s most popular surfing beaches known locally by surfers as La Pared (The Wall).

La Pared is a “beach break” surfing spot. That means that our waves end up on a sandy beach, not like most surfing locations in Puerto Rico that contend with rocky shorelines and shallow reef conditions. A beach break is the safest and easiest place to learn to surf. With nice 3-to-5-foot waves with different size breaks within sets, and warm, sandy, clean water, La Pared is arguably the best place in Puerto Rico to learn to surf.